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„Music acts like the sun, reviving the whole flower field with its rays.“
Khalil Gibran

The healing power of music

Music has effect on the body, spirit and soul. It touches a person wholly. Musical waves are activating our own individual self-healing power and harmonising our energy system.

The power of music was known from time immemorial. Ritualistic healing singing, love songs, lullabies – sounds for different situations can have effect on your mood and feeling. Music is still one of the most important healing methods of many original peoples.

“Music is affecting heartbeat, blood pressure, muscle tension and breath frequency…is very curative; it has a positive influence on anxiety, depressions, heart-deseases and blood circuit as well as on the immune system; plus it increases concentration, memory, creativity and energy. It`s also helpful for pain, stress, and insomnia.“
(Prof. H.-J.Trappe, chief physician and organist, Deutsche Med. Wochenschrift, Stuttgart 2009).